Cause and effect of smoking

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Write 6 page essay on the topic Cause and effect of smoking.Smoking, therefore, has several negative effects as discussed below.When one decides to quit smoking, the craving for nicotine results to withdrawal symptoms, which include short temper, aggression, anger and negative feelings. Apart from nicotine, cigarettes also contain carbon (II) Oxide that increases the risk of developing heart disease. Tar is also a component in cigarette associated with different types of cancer. It is also associated with damage to the lining of the lungs (Soneji, Samir, et al. 2204).Smoking not only affects the smoker but also anyone nearby. Although most countries have designated areas for smoking, most smokers do not smoke in these smoking zones. They carelessly smoke in public places affecting many people and exposing them to the danger of smoking. The human body is made up of several cells, which form and die continuously in a controlled way. However, some chemicals can easily interfere with the process of cell division causing the development of cancer. The different cancer names originate depending on where in the body they start. For example, lung cancer starts from the lung and spreads. Cancer normally leaves its initial location and spreads in the body through a process called metastasis.When the body becomes unable to cope up with the cancer growth, the smoker dies. As it grows and spreads through a person’s body, it increasingly becomes painful, particularly if it spreads to the bones (Zale and Joseph, 296). It weakens the bones resulting to fractures. This condition is called osteoporosis. Weakness, coma, paralysis and death might occur when cancer spreads to the brain. Smoking accounts for at least a third of cancer related deaths in the US. Smoking causes the following type of cancers:Smoking has increasing been associated with cancer of the pancreas, kidney, bladder and the cervix. The major cause of lung cancer deaths in men and women is due to cigarette smoking. Toxic gases inhaled during smoking

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