Causes and treatments of anxiety disorders

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Write an article on the causes and treatments of anxiety disorders Paper must be at least 2000 words. The essay “The Causes and Treatments of Anxiety Disorders” talks about the anxiety disorders that pertain to a group of psychological problems which affect thoughts, feelings, physical sensations, and behavior. The key features of these disorders include excessive fear, avoidance, worry, and anxiety.According to Richards, et al., anxiety disorders are precipitated by stressors or some traumatic life events. This may include the death of a loved one, physical illness, losing a job, and the like. These events push individuals who have a dispositional tendency to anxiety into a severe anxiety state. There is a tendency for individuals to experience repeated episodes of a certain anxiety disorder in times of stress. These environmental factors make individuals predisposed to such disorder later in life. The factors related to the increased probability of developing neurotic mental illness include emotional or sexual abuse, difficulties in a peer relationship, and inconsistent parenting. The post-traumatic disorder is considered as the only anxiety disorder precipitated by the stressful environmental event. The current classification asserts that extremely traumatic events contribute to the onset of anxiety disorders. Psychiatrists diagnosed Post-traumatic Disorder after different degrees of psychological trauma. Events which may precipitate anxiety disorders include the Gulf War and 9/11 terrorist attack. The gulf war that occurred during the 1990s marked one of the largest military deployments since Vietnam.

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