CCNA basic

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Write an article on ccna basic (assignment booklet 2) Paper must be at least 1000 words. By using the and subnetting the network you get more IP addresses and it is easier than requesting two more address blocks. This enables each network to have its own subnet to house their own devices in order to keep the network secure and ensure there is no collision of traffic.Question 3:Using a subnet mask for the 900 subnets. Identify 198th and VLSM for a further 40 subnets. range 1 to 3010.0.0.32 range 33 to 6210.0.0.64255.0.0.224host range 65 to 9410.0.0.96255.0.0.224host range 97 to 12610.0.0.128255.0.0.224host range 129 to 15810.0.0.160255.0.0.224host range 161 to 19010.0.0.192255.0.0.224host range 192 to 22210.0.0.224255.0.0.224host range 225 to 25410.0.0.256255.0.0.224host range 258 to 28710.0.0.289255.0.0.224host range 291 to 32010.0.0.322255.0.0.224host range 324 to 35310.0.0.355255.0.0.224host range 357 to 38610.0.0.388255.0.0.224host range 390 to 41910.0.0.421255.0.0.224host range 423 to 45210.0.0.454255.0.0.224host range 456 to 48510.0.0.487255.0.0.224host range 489 to 51810.0.0.520255.0.0.224host range 522 to 55110.0.0.553255.0.0.224host range 555 to 58410.0.0.586255.0.0.224host range 588 to 61710.0.0.619255.0.0.224host range 621 to 65010.0.0.652255.0.0.224host range 654 to 68310.0.0.685255.0.0.224host range 687 to 71610.0.0.718255.0.0.224host range 720 to 74910.0.0.751255.0.0.224host range 753 to 78210.0.0.784255.0.0.224host range 786 to 81510.0.0.817255.0.0.224host range 819 to 84810.0.0.851255.0.0.224host range 853 to 88210.0.0.884255.0.0.

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