Challenges, practices and methods as provided by the social media

by | Sep 15, 2021 | Homework Help

Compose a 2250 words assignment on challenges, practices and methods as provided by the social media. Specifically, the concept of e-business with respect to its integration with the social web is discussed. Marketing and advertising are also developing new meanings in line with the development of social media across the globe.Social media is the most trending phenomenon of the present and the future. It has highly extensive boundaries and should be adopted in order to pace up in line with the developments of the modernized human society.The technology boom of the late twentieth century has completely revolutionized human society. Technologies govern the present time’s poles apart from what they used to be just a few decades back. Terminologies like web, social networks, web2.0 etcetera were unknown to man, and not even in the wildest of their thoughts could our forefathers think that their children would be living in a world that would be completely dependent on high tech stuff. The modern life of a human being is such that it is devoid of much of the in-person personalization and physical effort that one had to go through before the advent of the internet. Today, a smart techie resides in the pocket or the palms of every individual that serves the purpose of connecting us to the grand virtual world of the internet.The social web portals over the internet are breeding grounds for virtual real-time connectivity round the clock. The social networking arena has engrossed itself into the human lives such that each individual stays signed into his virtual profile round the clock. These social networks have been the roots of various social media that have evolved from them.Social Media is the new terminology with which the visual social connections of each digital device are connected to each other via the internet. The platforms that support the evolution and maintenance of the social connections are various and limitless. Examples of platforms supporting social web profiles are Facebook, Twitter, Orkut, LinkedIn, etc.

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