Champollion’s books

by | Nov 17, 2021 | Homework Help

Champollion’s books appeared and the end of the nineteenth century, thousands of rolls of papyrus and copies of temple and tomb inscriptions were brought to Europe and America. There scholars, using the deciphering methods Champollion had pioneered, traced the entire history of writing in Egypt. They discovered it had begun about 3100 B.C. when images of important people were first accompanied by hieroglyphs of their names or titles. By 2500 B.C. complete sentences began to appear on tomb inscriptions, along with lists of offerings to the Egyptian gods. Which statement best expresses an inference that can be supported by information in the excerpt? Ancient Egyptian writing became more complex over time. The only writing discovered from ancient Egypt was written on tombs. Only wealthy people had tomb inscriptions in ancient Egypt. Most of the Egyptian writing that scholars translated was about Egyptian gods.i dont think it is b

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