Change & Innovation in Car Manufacturing

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Complete 10 page APA formatted essay: Change & Innovation in Car Manufacturing.also necessary materials and intangible assets) founded on specially developed original technology, which is able to make the product satisfying the needs. This research paper discusses the innovation in the car manufacturing industry. This phenomenon has been often studied from theoretical and practical perspective, but there is a need to study positive effects and the challenges of innovation. The approaches existing in literature represent the recommendations on the solution of certain sides of this problem, which need further development, deepening and systematization. Therefore, the issue under consideration is very relevant.The processes of updating are connected to the market relations. The main innovations are realized in the market economy by the enterprise structures as a mean of resolving commercial tasks and as the most important factor of ensuring stability of their functioning, economic growth and competitiveness. Innovations are therefore focused on the market, on the specific consumer or requirement. Innovations are very complex, many-sided problem which is connected with the production and sale. Management plays a very important role in increasing innovative policy efficiency.The general scientific concept “innovation” is defined as a target change in system functioning. In a broad sense it can be high-quality and (or) quantitative changes in various spheres and elements of the system. The general scientific concept “innovation” is defined as target change in functioning of the system, and in a broad sense it can be high-quality and (or) quantitative changes in various spheres and system elements.Innovative process represents the set of procedures and means, with the help of which a discovery, idea turn in social, educational innovation. Thus, the activity which provides transformation of ideas into innovation and also forms a control system of this process is an innovative activity. Here a novelty is understood as a result of an innovation,

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