Changes based on feedback

by | Nov 6, 2021 | Homework Help

Part 1Submit your final Project plan from Weeks 1 through 4, making any necessary changes based on feedback from your instructor and peers. The plan should include the following:A work breakdown structure with at least 3 levels A project schedule with at least 3 phases and at least 9 tasks At least 2 milestones People and other resources assigned to each of the tasks Project’s overall budget Adjusted project tasks, schedules, and costs based on potential project risksThe format should be a Project file, PDF, or other format noted by the instructor.Besides the Project plan, make any necessary changes for your RASCI matrix and risk matrix based on feedback from your instructor and peers. Submit your updated RASCI matrix and risk matrix in a¬†Word or Excel file.Part 2Choose 1 of the visual reports in Project, and prepare a memo in Word (using memo format) to your manager that describes a summary of the project management plan. Within this memo, include the following items:A discussion of the project’s deliverable and a listing of the work packages in the project A listing of the major tasks needed to complete the project’s deliverable based on the work breakdown structure A list of the project’s milestones The human resources and other resources¬†needed for the project with a listing of the roles and responsibilities The overall project budget estimation The major project risks and risk management strategies A discussion of the visual report you chose, noting the importance of this report in describing the project Any APA citations and references necessary

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