Changes in distribution channels

by | Oct 5, 2021 | Homework Help

Part 1.Respond to the following in a minimum of 175 words:Provide an example of how an international company (such as Unilever or Mondelez International) changes its distribution channels and/or marketing messages based on country.Part 2. Reply to the following thread in a minimum of 100 words:“For Johnson and Johnson we have to abide by the US and other foreign regulatory agencies in order to ship, sell and distribute our products into their countries’ and abroad. There are also some labeling requirements that must be meet for example for any products being sold within the European Economic Area they must bear the CE marking also other countries such as China and Japan also require different language formats on the secondary packaging so the end user can read the contents and the instructions for use. We have a dedicated support staff just for the logistics part of our business. Additionally you have to ensure that any products being imported or exported are not being cross-docked in countries that the material is not registered in.” – Joshua F.Part 3. Respond to the following classmate in a minimum of 100 words:“For many international companies, the company has to take into many considerations when developing marketing strategies and setting up distribution channels in each country it operates in. These considerations can range from the country’s culture to laws that vary by country.The company I work for is a global tire manufacturer that operates across multiple countries. While my company makes tires, we actually make multiple name brand tires and when we are developing marketing campaigns we have to take into account the country’s culture, views, likes and dislikes. What this mean is that it is entirely possible that only one or a portion of our tire branding is marketed in a country. When it comes to our distribution channels, the two biggest variables is transportation costs and laws. My company has tire plants around the world but we do not have tire plants that make all of our specific tires in each country. So for many countries we are a large importer and exporter. With importing and exporting tires, many countries have laws requiring specific items that are required. In some cases the origin or destination country may have laws restricting shipping or receiving tires to one another. In addition, these laws can change multiple times a year which directly impacts our distribution channels.” – James F.

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