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Changing organisational culture

You are required to research the following assignment question and write a response in essay format of 2000 words. Information for the essay should be sourced from at least SEVEN (7) peer-reviewed journal articles (2009 onward), plus your text book (i.e. 8 in total). Changing organisational culture is a very difficult process. Consequently, managers often use different approaches to accomplish the change. Given the difficulty of changing organisational culture there is no guarantee that their methods will be successful. However, there are some preferred approaches that managers could use to change organisational culture which also send a clear message to employees that ‘the accepted way of doing things’ has changed.In your opinion, what are the THREE (3) challenges associated with changing organisational culture? Discuss these challenges and describe three approaches that you think should be used by managers to implement successful organisational change. Ensure you also discuss the possible negative effects of the approaches you have identified and how these can be reduced.

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