Charismatic behavior leadership

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Write an article on charismatic behavior leadership Paper must be at least 500 words. Charismatic behaviour leadership affiliation Charismatic behaviour leadership Charismatic leadership is a style of leadership that despite of it being recognizable, it is perceived with less solidity as compared to others styles of leadership. However, these realism is possible due to the problem associated with openly defining charisma in an individual when examining the person. Furthermore, Max Weber’s regarded charisma as an unconventional form of influence in which the leader as perceived by his or her followers is said to possess exceptional qualities. Thus, charisma is regularly a behaviour that one observes in another, nevertheless, difficulty in describing that view without openly referring to specific characters, individual character and behaviours is common. In regard to communication, charismatic leaders need more than just the distribution of information in order to communicate effectively. Therefore, to be effective, emotional appeals in their rhetoric are often incorporated, this includes use of symbols, metaphoric and dramatic language hence lending credibility to communication. Moreover, when charismatics communicate with inspiration, passion, motivation and emotion, followers are expected to attribute charisma. Additionally, charismatic leaders are renowned for passionate exciting public oratory thus, making the audience full of excitement. Therefore, the charismatic behaviours in this context lead to a self-serving style, since this leaders seek to appeal themselves to the people (Levay, 2010).Moreover, founding a trust connection with followers is so vital for charismatic leaders. Further integrity is created by signifying consistency and honesty among said personal actions and actions. In order to constantly adhere to a morals base, values and needs of followers must be understood by charismatic leaders. Therefore, by trying to gain trust, the charismatic leaders are trying to lead a self-serving style where their main aim is to create a positive impression of themselves, among those that they lead.However, followers do not regard charisma to be founded on visions, but they regard visionary attributes of charisma to be existing in a leader who customizes the vision with persistent resolve. Thus, it is the follower’s internalization on visions that direct them to regard charisma to a leader (Conger, Kanungo, & Menon, 2000).There are two types of charismatic leaders, the positive charismatic leaders and the negative charismatic leaders. The personality and values of a charismatic leader will provide evidence on whether a leader is viewed negatively or positively. Moreover, those who are perceived as negative, possess characteristics like personalized power orientation. Whereas those who possess social power orientation characteristics are referred to as the positive leaders. However, social power orientation is where the charismatic leader wishes to share power among and with juniors instead of just enjoying it. Furthermore, both negative and positive charismatics have penalties linked to their followers. Firstly the negative charismatic leaders instils fear and controls followers while the positive charismatic leaders practice power sharing by delegating authority among their juniors. Lastly, the positive charismatic leaders act as servants by sharing power with subordinates thus improving service delivery to their subjects. Whereas negative charismatic leaders lead a self-servicing style because they are power oriented. Thus, shifting their attention from service delivery to the publics to their personal gratification. ReferencesConger, J. A., Kanungo, R. N., & Menon, S. T. (2000). Charismatic leadership and follower effects. Journal of Organizational Behavior, 21, 747–767. doi:10.1002/1099-1379(200011)21:73.0.CO.2-JLevay, C. (2010). Charismatic leadership in resistance to change. The Leadership Quarterly. doi:10.1016/j.leaqua.2009.10.

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