Chemical Tests for Elements

by | Oct 28, 2021 | Homework Help

Part II. Chemical Tests for Elements Present in Organic CompoundsA) Test for Phosphorus:1. Record your observations:When GH HNO3 was added, the ammonium molybdate had no reaction, but itwas smoking . When the elements were heated on a hot plate, there was apale yellow color.B) Test for Nitrogen:1. Record the color of the litmus paperblue2. Complete and balanced chemical equation for the acid-base reaction between ammonia andwater.NH3 + H20 > N Hy + OHbaseacidC) Test for Carbon and Hydrogen:1. What is the substance on the bottom of the beaker? condensation, water2. Where did this substance come from?combustion reaction from methanol.3. Is this a test for carbon, hydrogen, or oxygen?hydrogen4. Complete a balanced chemical equation for the complete combustion of methanol.CH3 OH + 02 602 + H201. Is this a test for carbon, hydrogen, or oxygen?cartoon2. Complete a balanced chemical equation for the reaction of CO2 with limewater.CO2 + Ca(OH) 2 > Ca Co3cy + H20( limewater )D) Test for Sulfur:1. Record your observations:The test tube that was in water bath turned dark brown once the lead acetatewas added, the testtube that was not heated turned light brown when lead acctate2. The dark colored precipitate that is formed is PbS. (As in Part B above, NaOH is again used towas added.decompose organic materials, so that an element can be tested.) What else is evidently necessaryfor this decomposition to go to completion?Heat is necessary for this decomposition to go to completion.Ex. If you heat up a protein, it will speed the reaction.

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