Children’s Listening Skills

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Compose a 2750 words essay on Children’s Listening Skills. This essay approves that the listening comprehension assessment tests measure the extent to which the child can comprehend information that is listened to. Listening comprehension tasks are usually age and grade appropriate and is directly comparable to reading comprehension assessment. Since there are several factors involving listening, it would be best if all these factors are considered first and come up with an authentic assessment that will address all the concerns to be fair for the child involved. This report makes a conclusion that listening is a very important aspect of child’s development. It may come naturally and automatic at birth as hearing but it must be trained to a higher level which is listening for a purpose. Listening seems to be the basis of other communication skills. A baby needs to listen to the sounds around him or her, and to learn how words are produced and how language may be used. As the child grows up, he or she needs to develop his/her listening skills to acquire more skills such as words meaning, understanding, reading, and comprehension. Through listening, a child can gather several information that he or she may use to his or her advantage. He or she may even come up with his or her idea after synthesizing. Listening is very important, if not the most important, skill a child may learn for him or her to succeed in school, and with her relationships with friends and family. It is appropriate and imperative that the child learn how to develop his or her listening skills as soon as possible, guided adults, by research and new technology.

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