Chinese Literature

by | Jul 27, 2021 | Homework Help

Create a 2 page essay paper that discusses Chinese Literature unit paper. During this battle, Cao Cao gave up land along and South of the Yangtze River. This text is not completely accurate because it was written by Chen Shou, an officer for the Shu Han. Once again since the Shu Han was victorious, Shou had a warped view of the Battle of Red Cliff.

Although biased, Three Kingdoms: A Historical Novel is what John Woo used to make his movie Red Cliff. This historical account is the official record. No matter what biases Shou had, this is what the Shu Empire recorded at the time. This account makes more sense than The Romance of the Three Kingdoms, so most Chinese accept this account. History cannot always be revealed without the help of historians. Shou created an account that is the most credible. The Romance of the Three Kingdoms can be considered more fiction than fact. In this book is the poem, “Cao Cao Short Story”. This poem shows Cao Cao in a bad light. The following sums up how the Shu Kingdom felt about Cao Cao. The poem is like Cao Cao is the narrator.

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