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Write a 2 page essay on Chinese. He is a son to one of the local rich in the area. His father is also a compulsive gambler, and lost his family property to Long’er who is also a gambler. Fugui’s behaviors and characters also make Jiazhen, his long suffering wife to leave him, together with their daughter and unborn son. This paper will look into succinct analysis of the movie, considering the political aspect depicted in the film, for instance, war in China (Yimou).

Chinese civil war takes place and Chunsheng and Fugui get conscription into Kuomingtang during one of the performances. He leaves his family behind and his only daughter becomes dumb due cold fever when he is away. From this, it is evident that conscription into the military or any other related activity in China was a mandatory during the time the film was shot. It is also evident in the Chinese society that rich people are considered anti-revolutionary and executed. An example is the murder of Long’er who had just acquired his wealth through gambling with Fugui. The government also claims unlawful possession of individual wealth. When Long’er shows his unwillingness to donate his wealth to the public, he is considered an enemy to revolution and is executed immediately(Yimou).

War between China and Taiwan is also depicted in the film. The local chiefs are charged with a responsibility of informing the people to collect all their iron materials for refinement and manufacture of steel weapons for fighting the Taiwanese. This is a depiction of long time rift and disagreement between the two Asian nations. Another aspect of political dominion, in China, during the 1994 is that of strictness in the education policies. Youking is killed because of not getting up early for school. The government blindly believes that it is only through education that revolution can be achieved in China. Cogently reasoning, it is quite illogical imprudent to terminate the life of a young…

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