Choose between A and B

by | Sep 15, 2021 | Homework Help

Choose between A and B, or if they are not comparable.1.Stock A has high risk, Stock B has low risk. All else equal, which has the higher required return?2.Both A and B took out 30-year mortgages. A had a payment of $2000. B had a payment off $2200. All else equal, who borrowed more money?3.Both A and B took our 30-year mortgages. A paid his off in 28 years. B paid hers off in 25 years. All else equal, who paid more interest.4.Investment A has a quarterly interest rate of 3%. Investment B has a monthly interest rate of 3%. which investment has the higher EAR?5.Investment A and B both pay interest rate of 5% per year. investment A interest compounds quarterly, investment B interest compounds semi-annually. you plan to invest for 5 years, which is the better investment?

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