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Part I: From the following list of questions, choose TWO to answer. 1)  Explore the religious beliefs of both the ancient Sumerians and  Egyptians. Citing examples, explain how their religion influenced their  architectural designs and other artwork. 2) Discuss the cave paintings from the Wall Painting of Animals from Chauvet Cave and Great Gallery  at Horseshoe Canyon, Utah. Why are these two sites so important? What  are the major differences between the two sites and the artwork depicted  within them?3) Describe and discuss the development of Early Christian church architecture. Cite examples.4) The Romans are admired for their achievements in engineering and architecture. One of their crowning achievements is the Pantheon.  Describe the unique characteristics and discuss the significance of  this building. How did it influence future architectural designs? 5) Compare and contrast Romanesque and  Gothic architecture. Cite examples of both styles and discuss the  specific characteristics of each style.6) Describe the three main stages of Greek civilization. Citing examples, discuss the artistic characteristics of each.7) What led to the development of the  Neolithic art? How would these changes affect the images created?  Compare and contrast Paleolithic and Neolithic art.  Part II: Of all the  various art historical styles from Pre-History through the Medieval West  era, which do you feel is the most interesting and why? Have you seen  evidence or influences of these styles in current, daily life? If so,  how or where?

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