Claim Response Letter Delivering Negative News

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Complete 4 page APA formatted essay: Claim Response Letter Delivering Negative News.I want to be categorically clear that at the moment, due to logistics we are not willing to offer any resale or promotional activities (May & Regina, 36). However, in the future the company may decide to offer such activities. This will be communicated in the newspapers and mainstream media should the management decide so. On behalf of the company, we wish to state that we are sorry for the miscommunication and misunderstanding on your part.Digital Inc will not comply with the request because this was a case of misunderstanding. As already mentioned above, we share almost the same name. Our offices are located in close proximities to each other. We realize that that this is a case of miscommunication by the newspaper and the newsrooms that ran the advert. However, I wish to state on behalf of the company that in the future we would be more careful about creating our unique name and logos (different ones) so that this confusion does not arise again. We understand your disappointment about the supposed promotion and any stress it might have caused you. Similarly, we wish to state that in the future when we carry such promotions, we will communicate the same effectively and candidly.The company we share a name with and have striking similarities has since apologized and communicated the same to media houses and online platforms. We would also like to state that several other complaints have been launched, and the Digital Corporation has announced they are looking into the issues decisively. Our company would like to announce that it would soon carry out promotions in three months. You may want to participate in the fabulous promotion that is set to run for three months. All you have to do is visit any of our digital outlets and buy any gadgets of your choice, and you could win great prizes. Besides, you can find us online via or read about us in the newspapers or

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