Classification & Division

by | Sep 15, 2021 | Homework Help

Write a 2 page essay on Classification & Division.rting as always involves the question of winning, every team endeavors to triumphs over the other and that is what constitutes the essence of the sports. In the same breadth, no team would want to be outweighed the easiest way and would put spirited fight salvage the situation (Eric Digest 29).It is unfortunate that in most occasion sports which are intended for the good reasons end up in an orgy of violence. In fact, sports and violence can be comfortably be spoken of in the same line of statement. Most sports turn to be violent not at the beginning of the march, but during progression or at the end of the game, this leave only one option to explain the source of the violence in sports. the fans not being happy with the results and the only way to ease their tension and anger is to brew tension and disrupt the otherwise peaceful environment to turn chaotic. For the purpose of in-depth understanding of the nature of violence in sports, this paper has classified the various sources of the violence witnessed in the sports with regard to what instigate them (Eric Digest 31).There can be a dichotomous and a chronology of the violence in sports to bring about order in comprehending the information. To give a rational opinion about this, we have to enumerate the parties actively involved in the sporting activities. the players, the fans, and the officiating body. It is possible that violence can be instigated by any of the three parties mentioned. The officiating personnel are sometimes the best source of violence in sports in reference to the decision they make on how the players engage in contradicting the rules of the game (Eric Digest 23). For instance, when a football referee give a penalty shoot during injury time there is most likely to be an eruption of violence as the fans of the other team will view it malicious and meant to necessitate defeat on them.The other source of violence is between the fans, fans have always been known to have natural hatred on

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