Classroom Management

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Create a 2 page essay paper that discusses Classroom Management.13).Classroom areas for consideration include 1) entering the classroom. Students should enter the classroom in a quiet and orderly way, look at the board to see what they need, get their materials, and sit down to start the warm-up activity. 2) hallway conduct. Students should be in a straight line when traveling down the hallway as a class. They should travel on the right side of the hallway and stop and start when directed. 3) answering questions in class. Students should raise their hands and wait to be recognized before answering a question from the teacher. 4) homework. Students should have homework ready to turn in at the beginning of class and may not work on it after the bell signals the start of class. 5) lunch. Students will line up at the door before lunch, and travel to the cafeteria together in a straight quiet queue. Students will make sure their eating area is clean before leaving the cafeteria. 6) taking roll. Students should be sitting quietly in their seats when the bell rings. The teacher will take roll as students complete a warm-up activity to start instruction. 7) cooperative groups. Student groups should be quiet and focused, with significant contributions from each group member. 8) personal conduct. Students should treat each other, themselves, and school property with appropriate respect conveyed through their language and actions.Allowing students to participate in creating rules, procedures and consequences offers several advantages. First, it demonstrates to students that their standards for comfort and order are important to you, and that you desire to make them feel comfortable. It also allows a teacher to consider rules, procedures and consequences that they simply might not have thought of otherwise. Lastly, it demonstrates early in the teacher-student relationship that they will be

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