Climate change

by | Jul 22, 2021 | Homework Help

Answer short questions. Climate change may result in changes in seasons, amount of rainfall received as well as physical damage to crops. In turn, this may lead to low production of food which denies mankind sufficient and proper nutrition that is required for good health. The CDC (2009b) also cites radiation as an environmental hazard. This occurs due to exposure to harmful ionizing radiation and similar toxicants in the environment which may cause genetic mutations and irritation. Living in environments fraught with natural or man made disasters such as volcanoes and wars also places people in serious health risks.

Some real life experiences in regards to the impact of the environment’s impact on human health include the case of asthma. Here, environmental triggers such as mold, dust, hairy pets, tobacco smoke, pollen and extreme weather components such as fog and mist trigger asthma attacks.

Another real life exemplification of the impacts of the environment on human health can be seen in the case of use of non-biodegradable and persistent fertilizers and pesticides in agriculture, which then bioaccumulate in the food chain and find their way back to mankind. Such compounds may cause chronic diseases and destroy lives. Heavy metals in the environment act in the same way, finding their way from polluted soils and water sources into the human body and causing serious respiratory, developmental and reproductive effects. Ionizing radiation provides another example of real life experiences of environmental impact on health. Such radiation causes genetic mutations that may permanently affect people and their offspring, for instance, after the dropping of nuclear bombs on Hiroshima and Nagasaki. Such radiation may also cause cancer in those people under exposure.I find it difficult to ensure my diet has the right amounts of essential vitamins. The best sources of such vitamins are vegetables and fruits. I do not consume……….

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