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Club IT

Create a 7 page essay paper that discusses Final Project: Club IT, Part 3.When a website to any organization is visited often, it gives an assurance of success because other big companies will want to use the site to advertise their products.Club IT lacks a good quality Internet. During peak hours, the club experiences problems with its Internet, which interferes with the handling of orders from bars to the point of sale. Slow Internet reception causes delays of service delivery to customers.However, all these problems have solutions to improve the club’s performance, and well integrated systems can improve data analysis capabilities (Rainer & Turban, 2008). Therefore, the club should introduce an e- commerce system. This will help customers able to shop online without having to make an appearance in the very busy club. For most shoppers, home shopping is more comfortable.In this era, everyone is doing things in a technical manner. This club mostly attracts the young people, and they have become addicts of the Internet therefore. the Internet should be of good quality. Club IT should look for an alternative Internet network in order to satisfy customer needs. In addition to this, it is also advisable to have wired and secured networks for the bosses.Space is a very crucial matter when it comes to business operations. An organization with spacious working areas finds it easier to locate and do things as compared to very tiny offices. In the case of club IT, they need to expand the working space to make work easier for the staff. Club IT should avail shopping carts and snippet codes on its website. This virtual shopping cart will help the customer in locating the products that they need and add them to their cart. this gives them a better view of all the merchandise they have selected.According to Abdullah Al-Weshail, technology planning is an event which provides directions and helps users clearly

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