CMOS static gate

by | Jul 27, 2021 | Homework Help

Use the above figure to answer the given questions ( a ) Why are dynamic gates faster than regular CMOS static gates ? Consider the dual rail domino CMOS XOR gate shown below IVODV DOVOOTA xnor BbyalTh = A Xor-FAFANBA( 6 ) Why do we need an inverter on the output of each dynamic gate ? Why do we typically is a high skew inverter in this application ?( c ) In the schematic above , size the transistors so that both dynamic sections have the pull down strength of a unit inverter and both high-skew inverters have the pull-up strength ofa unit inverter ( assume a skew factor of 2 )( 1 ) Calculate the path logical effort G and path parasitic delay P for a rising transition from inputnput An to Y ( that means a falling transition on the intermediate node ) for both the inverting and the non – inverting outputs .( e ) What will be the minimum delay from input A to the XNOR output Y if the electrical effort of the path H = 10( 1 ) What will be the activity factor of nodes Y and Y if A and Bare independent and PAPB0. 25 ?

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