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Essay Research Methods on CODING AND TRANSCRIPTION FOR INTREVIEWING QUESTIONS AND ANSWER ON. The work is to be 2 pages with three to five sources, with in-text citations and a reference page. Interview Transcription Affiliation This paper entails coding and transcription of interviews conducted previously. The interviews were conducted to investigate health issues like obesity and diabetes and their attribution to poverty. Ten different people were interviewed. The interview questions were:What policies on obesity do you perceive as having failed?Why do you think these policies failed?What should be the best strategy to be applied in handling the obesity problem? What policies can you consider to be a disgrace in the fight against poverty, obesity and diabetes 2? What can you cite as the major cause of failure of these policies? Do the nutrition policies, zoning policies, labeling act help in reducing obesity? What health policies would you recommend the government to implement in order to guarantee a diabetes free environment?What should be done to encourage healthy eating habits?Do you think that if the government offered meal vouchers to Americans living in deprived neighborhoods will reduce the rates at which consumers purchase and consume foods with high calories?There has been recent creation and establishment of recreation parks despite the looming land and space crisis. Do you think this will encourage more people to participate in recreation activities such as swimming, sports and games? Their responses portrayed both similarities and differences. The interview results were transcribed and coded accordingly to enhance data analysis (Ryder, 1966). This was done as follows: Theme Number Part. 1Part. 2Part. 3Part. 4Part. 5Part. 6Part. 7Part. 8Part. 9Part. 101Failed Policies P1L1-2P1L3P1L3-4P1L1-2P1L3-4P1L16-19P4L12P1L1-2P1L3-62Policy makers’ expectations P1L3P1L23-29P2L13-19P2L17P1L1-2P1L23-25P1L3-2P1L3-2P4L13-193Health Practitioners expectations P1L6P1L1-2P1L23P3L14-16P3L9-10P2L24-26P1L1-2P4L16-19P1L1-24Expectations of American Society P2L5P1L6P2L17P3L4-6P3L16-19P5L13-19P3L8P2L16-195Consumption of high calorie foodsP3L4-6P2L5P3L9P2L16-19P2L3-9P3L27P5L13-19P3L16-19P4L26-276Participation in exercise P3L8P3L9-10P2L10P5L13-19P3L8P5L22-23P3L16-19P5L18-197Zoning laws aimed at preventing mushrooming of fast-food cafeteriasP3L9-10P3L8P4L1P4L31P5L5-12P4L22-23P5L22-29P3L22-23P4L22-238Zoning laws in poor neighborhoods P4L1P4L22-23P5L13-19P3L15-23P3L39P3L16-23P5L25-33P4L14-19P5L13-199Hispanics and the blacks constitute of poor neighborhood P4L2-3P4L21P4L13P2L30-31P4L25-32P5L15-23P5L28-31P2L33-36P3L15-2310nutritionally unbalanced food consumption P4L4P4L16-23P4L19-24P3L16-23P5L28-31P2L25-30P5L13-19P2L30-31P4L16-2311lack of money to purchase nutritionally balanced foodsP4L5-8P1L13-16P4L16-24P5L13-19P4L1-5P4L16-23P3L15-21P3L19-24P1L13-2612High Priced foodsP4L10P3L1-5-P4L16-24P3L16-23P1L34-38-P4L16-24P2L13-1613False advertising of foods as ‘safe’P5L1P3L16-23P4L14P5L4P4L16-23P5L13-19P3L15-23P1L13-16-14desirability of the current policiesP5L2-3P2L13-11P4L16-23P1L13-16-P5L13-19P5L28-31P5L13-19P5L13-1615Problem is due to povertyP5L4P1L34-38P6L6-10P3L16-23P6L23-26P4L26-33P3L26-32P6L6-10P5L11-1516Obesity and Diabetes are related P5L15-17P4L31P3L9-20P5L26-33P4L21-24P3L16-23P5L19-23P4L16-23P3L26-3317Food outlets offer high calorie foodsP5L18P4L6-11P1L34-37P5L6-10P6L6-10P3L21-24P3L9-20P6L6-10P5L13-1918Fast-food cafeterias deals with high carbohydrate foodsP5L19-20P4L31P3L29-40P4L31P4L25P3L34-39P1L34-38P3L9-20P4L3119shopping behaviors contributions P5L21-25P3L26-33P6L6-10P4L16-23P4L26-40P3L9P3L28-31P3L29-40P1L34-3820Behavior in supermarkets and cooking areasP5L31P5L37P6L13-16P5L21-26P6L1-5P6L6-10P4L16-24P6L23-26P6L13-1621Purchase of foods high in carbohydratesP5L37P6L6-10P5L13-19P4L16-24P5L25-27P6L21-24P6L13-16P2L25-27P6L23-2622Consumption of food in foods high in carbohydratesP6L1-5P6L1-5P6L6-10P6L13-16P6L6-10P6L13-16P6L6-10P6L6-10P6L6-1023Purchase and consumption of high calories foodsP6L6-10P6L13-16P6L1-5P6L6-10P6L13-16P6L6-10P6L21P6L13-16P6L13-1624high level of fatsP6L13-16P6L21P6L21P6L21P6L1-5-P6L13-16P6L25-27P6L2125minute fiberP6L21P3L28-31P6L25-27-P6L25-27P632P6L25-27P5L24-27P4L25-3026foods labeled as ‘low fat’ or ‘safe’P6L25-27P632P632P6L25-27P6L21P6L21P632P6L25-27P63227effects that on healthP632P6L25-27P6L21P632P632P6L25-27P6L21P632P6L25-27From the above table, Part.= Participant P= page number L= Line numberSimple coding explanationAll the 10 participants were interviewed based on the above questions. All the 27 themes presented in the table were presented by the participants but their arrangements appeared at different points in terms page numbers and lines with the pages. For instance, the theme of failed field policies, by the first participant, appeared in page 1 from line 1 to line 2. The same theme is presented in the first page but between line 3 and line 4 and in page 1 line 1 to line two for the 3rd participant (Ryder, 1966). The same theme appears in page 4 line 12 for the 7th participant. The same applies to all other themes for all the participants. A blank square implies that the specific theme presented along that specific raw was not tackled by the respective respondent. For example, the theme of minute fiber was not addressed by the fourth respondent. ReferencesRyder, R. G. (1966). A Clerically Simple Procedure for Coding Interview Materials. American Psychologist, 21(8), 812-816.

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