Codons to amino acids and amino acids to codons

by | Nov 6, 2021 | Homework Help

In this experiment, you will investigate and translate codons to amino acids and amino acids to codons.ProcedureReview the codon chart in Table 1, found in the background. The codon chart is also readily available in text books and websites.Examine the first set of codons in Data Table 1. Convert the codons to the amino acids they code for and record in Data Table 1. The 3 letter codes for amino acids may be used in place of writing the entire name for each amino acid. (example: CTT = Leucine = Leu)Repeat step 2 for the remaining 4 sets of codons in Data Table 1.A set of primers was designed to code for a series of amino acids. Review the codon/amino acid pairs in Data Table 2. Determine if the codons correctly code for the desired amino acid and record “yes” or “no” in Data Table 2. For each amino acid that does not contain the correct set of codons, provide the correct set of codons in the “fixed codons” row of Data Table 2.Note: If there is more than one option for the correct set of codons, you only need to choose one of the correct codon options. If the codons are correct, then you will not fill in the “fixed codons” row of Data Table 2.Review the amino acids in Data Table 3.For each amino acid listed in Data Table 3, provide the codon(s) that will code for each amino acid or stop codon. If an amino acid or stop codon has multiple options, list all codon options.Review the DNA sequence in Data Table 4.Design a set of primers (5′ to 3′ and 3′ to 5′) that covers the first 20 and last 18 nucleotides of the sequence. Record each set of primers in Data Table 4.Exercise 1 – Questions1. The first amino acid in all protein sequences was the same in Data Tables 1, 2, and 3. What was the amino acid and why is this amino acid the first in all of these protein sequences? Explain your answer.DataExperiment 1Exercise 1BE Data Table 1Data Table 2Data Table 3Data Table 4Data Table 1: Codons to Amino Acids#CodonsAmino AcidsATGACAAACAGTAGAGGTGGCTATTGTCCG2ATGATATTGTTTTCATGGAACCCCGAGAGGTGG3ATGACACACTGCAAAGAAGCGGCACCCCCGTGA4ATGCAATACTTATCAAAAAAGGGCGAG5ATGCGCCGGATGCATTTTGTGGTAGAGGCATAA

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