Common ground

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Write a 2 pages paper on common ground. Common Ground Assignment Elements included in an informative introduction to the issue and opposing positions The introduction includes background information based on the topic in focus, but some introductions make assumptions on the reader’s knowledge of the topic. The introduction considers the interest of readers and may provide additional information placing the topic in context. The introduction includes the names of the opposing authors, credentials, titles of the essays, time, and place of publication.Elements included in an the probing analysisExplores different aspects of opposing essays and identifies a bridge to glaring differences. The treatment of content in this part is constructive and analytical considering disagreements and points of agreement between two opposing essays. Concentrates on limited points of comparison, which do not exceed three. The analysis attempts to reframe the issues discussed in the opposing essays.Elements included in a fair and impartial presentation. Establishment of a common ground in opposing essays is devoid of personal bias and therefore avoids taking of positions. The essay is fair and accurate presentation of the opposing views. The essay gives an almost equal attention to the different opposing viewpoints without judging either of the proposed arguments. Elements in a readable planThe essay should be easy to follow through the provision of a forecasting statement alongside a thesis. The essay uses clear topic sentences and labels its positions consistently with repetition of key words identifying different points of disagreement and agreement. A Descriptive Introduction to the Topic and Opposing ArgumentsJeremy Bernard’s paperThe paper identifies the time in which the issue arose as the “age of innocence” and “Steroid Era”. The issue started around the 1990s and took strong roots in 2006. The paper piques the interest of readers using star players linked with steroid related scandals. The use of the names of known players involved in public scandals is relevant in providing minimal background information.Melissa Mae’s paperThe essay locates the time in which the opposing essays were developed linking it to issues surrounding Abu Ghraib. The use of Abu Ghraib involves a publicized event in the period and thus raises the interest of readers without revealing many details. The paper articulates the credentials of the authors of the opposing essays. A Probing AnalysisJeremy Bernard’s paperThe paper focuses on two points creating disagreement and they include fairness and health risks. He identifies agreement by the two authors on the possible side effects resulting from the use of steroids while the two disagree on the ethical issue surrounding who bears the responsibility for taking steroids. Melissa Mae’s paperThe paper analyzes the different arguments fronted on issuers of torture and morality placing the disagreements in what can be termed as a constructive manner. The authors have conflicting ideas on the need for torture as a means of averting possible attacks. The two agree on the need of obtaining information for precautionary measures but disagree on the means of obtaining information. A fair and impartial presentationJeremy Bernard’s paperBernard is careful not to analyze the articles in his own view using quotes by different authorities in the field to comment on the work under analysis. He quotes Dr. Fost in the provision of a critical view of Mitchell’s work. Melissa Mae’s paperMae’s presentation of the two conflicting articles is impartial as she utilizes the Douglas Wood hostage incidence in her analysis. The case in point is important in the critique of Clarke’s and Bagaric articles. Summary of two articles The article “The big lie: is climate change denial a crime against humanity?” authored by Tucker William C reviews climate change issues as crimes being committed against humanity by concerned states. The article cites greenhouse gases as the major cause of the anthropogenic heating of the earth. The article faults the actions taken by the United States in the reduction of greenhouse gases. The exploitation of energy is attributed to the concealment of dangers associated with fossil fuels. The deceptions peddled by states and scientists on the reality of climate change leads to numerous deaths, deprivation of untold human rights, and the displacements of people leading to gross violations of stipulated thresholds of crimes against humanity. The paper advocates of immediate action as opposed to consistent talk on the issue (Tucker, 2012). The article “The global warming conundrum” authored by Fowler Thomas B focuses on the growing debate related to global warming with raging contentions on economic, ecological, political, scientific, and social perspectives. The issues are complicated by all standards to people of different background with increased need for simplification of pertinent issues. The issue is portrayed differently as viewed from varied personalities with other linking it to famine and other social disasters. Conversely, a group of individuals does not believe in the arguments fronted on global warming terming it as a hoax. The issue of global warming receives considerable opposition from scientists who stand divided more than was the case on the issue of evolution. However, there is consensus that global warming has adverse environmental effects that need immediate and timely intervention (Fowler, 2012).ReferenceFinding common ground. (2009). In: Unknown. pp. 184-263.Fowler, T. B. (2012). The global warming conundrum. Modern Age, 54(1-4), 40+. Retrieved from, W. C. (2012, Annual). The big lie: is climate change denial a crime against humanity? Interdisciplinary Journal of Human Rights Law, 7(1), 91+. Retrieved from

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