Common theme of the bible

by | Sep 4, 2021 | Homework Help

Write 5 pages thesis on the topic common theme of the bible. For this reason, it may be argued that the theme of true religious faith is no less important than the theme of love and salvation. This makes it possible to doubt that love’s theme can be seen as the most important theme in the Bible. In this regard, the position of Smith seems to be the most reasonable. Smith (n.d.) argues that the most common theme of the Bible is the theme of the Kingdom of God. Indeed, the analysis of the various books of the Bible allows one to make sure that the question of God’s Kingdom is a semantic unit, which takes place against the background of the biblical narrative. One of the other books in the Bible considers a particular aspect of God’s Kingdom’s question.Initially, the reader meets the theme of the Kingdom of God in Genesis. Genesis tells us about the creation of the Kingdom of God by God’s plan. God created a beautiful world called Earth’s paradise in which he settled two people – a man and a woman and animals. This wonderful world was full of harmony between a man and a woman and between them and God. People listened to God, and he did everything he could to make them happy. However, people have decided to disobey God. They ate the forbidden fruit and committed an act of the Fall (Genesis 3:6-7). The Fall is not only tainted by human souls. It destroyed the heavenly harmony and world order. The kingdom of God had been lost. God damned people are prophesying them painful earthly life, diseases, and death (Genesis 3:18-19).Further human sins and wickedness made God hate people and kill all living things (Genesis 6: 11-13). However, God did not lose hope for the recovery of the kingdom of God. As noted by Smith (n.d.), “the rest of the Bible tells how God restores the kingdom to Himself and brings man back into the position of kingdom glory that God originally designed for him.

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