Communication and Relational Dynamics

by | Nov 6, 2021 | Homework Help

Complete 2 page APA formatted essay: Communication and Relational Dynamics.Relational maintenance is one thing I have learned that I would use in future. Instead of drawing apart from people who I will come close to in the workplace, I would rather maintain the relationship. Discussion on managing dialectical tensions has enhanced my understanding of my communication style. In the face of tension and confusion, I have learned how to go to one side by denying the other. Balancing is another way I can manage tensions. by partially responding to both parties. Recalibration can also help to avoid any opposition from one party. Reaffirmation is yet another way that relates to being positive about a situation. These ways have enlightened me how I can respond to tensions in different circumstances.I am going to use metacommunication as a way to resolve conflict in a more constructive manner. We can resolve the conflict between my coworker, and I through this. What I like most in this discussion are the characteristics of relationships. It is interesting how relationships turn out to be. You can be romantically involved with someone you will end up marrying you, but it reaches a point where disagreements come in making the relationship to come to an end. They keep on changing and are affected by culture. The least liked discussion was of the types of relational messages which I did not grasp how they occur. I suggest the topic on types of relational messages should be done individually to enhance my understanding and feature in YouTube for easier access.

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