Communication in therapeutic relationship

by | Jul 8, 2021 | Homework Help

Explain the importance of communication in promoting the therapeutic relationship. Paper must be at least 1250 words. Please, no plagiarized work!The behaviours and attitudes of nurses in their caregiving duties and responsibilities highly influence the resultant relationship. It is important to highlight that therapeutic relationship is central to the client’s health and general welfare. I have realized this through my interaction with one of my medical ward patients.

A number of factors have constituted my relationship with the patient, but the most important is communication. Communication played a fundamental role in building therapeutic relationship between the patient and me. This in return has enhanced definition and identification of the different users of therapeutic nursing. The role and importance of communication in promoting nurse-patient relationship is described in this paper.

A number of factors have influenced my nurse-client relationship prior to my interaction with the patient and communication effectiveness therein. Vulnerability of my client required that trust be an integral component of the therapeutic relationship. Promises to either party were kept to avoid instances of mistrust. Confidentiality of the patient was an important therapeutic variable that I observed so that neither the patient’s nor my boundary was crossed. Our thoughts and opinions prior to this therapeutic relationship were diverse and dynamic. In this regard, mutual respect ensured that these two accounts were accounted for.

On the same note, I understood the importance of showing empathy to my client. This way, the client felt cared for and the kind of actions that I took as the patient’s nurse greatly influenced the client’s quality of life, specifically in instances of health complications. Professional intimacy is another thing that built a favourable therapeutic relationship. Bringing the nurse and the client close to one another is integral to a beneficial nursing practice.

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