Community Oriented Policing Program

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Compose a 750 words essay on Community Oriented Policing Program. Since the implementation of the community-oriented policing, there have been significant changes with the organization of policing in United States. The effectiveness of the community-oriented policing has been attributed to various factors. Community-oriented policing breaks down the barriers separating the community from the police, while at the same time instilling a wider set of community ideals to the police officers (Dempsey & Forst, 2010). Organizationally, community-oriented policing shifted the police policy making from a traditional officialdom to one that stresses on greater environmental-organizational association and coordination. Concurrently, the change to the use of community-oriented policing came along with the crushing of the police hierarchy and the establishment of the harmonized service delivery with a huge number of private and public agencies that impact on the neighborhood safety (Oliver, 2008). These factors have contributed to the effectiveness of community-oriented policing in the reduction of crime in the society.Engaging the CommunityCommunity-oriented policing has from its onset sought to involve the community in public safety matters while establishing and solidifying the ability of the society to fight crime. For example, Operation Weed and Seed stresses on generating an active and noticeable police incidence to impact distressed communities and at the same time do capacity building in the same communities to sustain the benefits once attained (Rogers, 2009).

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