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by | Nov 11, 2021 | Homework Help

Printers are one of the most annoying devices on any company network in my experience. There are such a huge number of makes and models of printers. Unlike PCs which regardless of make and model generally run one of three operating systems (OS), printers have different software or OS for every single manufacturer. This tends to make printers the worst enemy of every IT department.¬†However, in a case where I had a laptop that could not connect to a printer it was able to see on the network, I would do the following. I would restart the PC or disable and reenable the network interface card (NIC) and try the connection again. Assuming this did nothing, I would then look for a PC that is connected to the printer and verify that the problem PC is using the same drivers and IP address as the working PC. I would also use the connected PC to check the print que and see that nothing is stuck in que. Network connectivity issues with¬†printers can become more complicated if the company uses a print server. However, if you have access to the print server you can check that you are able to print directly from the print server. If you can print from the print server then it is likely there is something wrong with the connection of the PC to the print server. One other issue I have seen with printing from print servers is IP conflicts. This is what happens when you have more than one printer assigned the same IP address. If you have access to the print server you can normally see this easily by looking at the IP address of the printer in question and seeing if it has an IP address that has an underscore and some number at the end that looks like this, “”. If the IP address looks like this then it is likely there is another printer on the server using the same IP address.In a case where no computers on the company network can print to a network printer, I would normally begin my troubleshooting at the printer and work my way back to the PCs. I would test that the printer is able to print test pages. Then I would check that my PCs can ping the printer. I would check the settings of the printer to ensure that my PCs are using the correct IPs to connect. This is by no means everything that can be checked when working printer issues. This is simply a list of things that I have found to be common.*****MUST BE 100 WORDS*****

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