Company wide information governance program

by | Sep 10, 2021 | Homework Help

You are the team leader/chair for the Information Governance Committee/Team responsible for implementing a company wide information governance program for your organization. You team has met on one occasion and has identified an initial set of goals and challenges for theorganization in the development and implementation of the company’s IG program. Yoursecond meeting with the team is fast approaching and you have told your team members that during this next meeting you will discuss with them the overall plan and the steps that the team will take in order to implement information governance in the organization. In order to be prepared for that meeting, please do the following: 1. Conduct the necessary research to familiarize yourself with different organizations, associations, affiliates and accrediting agencies who can provide guidance on the implementation of information governance in the health care industry. Please summarize and explain the results of your research. 2. Develop in writing a detailed, step-by-step plan for an overall information governance plan at CITY GENERAL HOSPITAL. You may use diagrams, tables, and any other references that assist in the explanation of your information governance plan. However, you may NOT substitute your table or diagram for a complete narrative explanation. 3. Recall, the author of your text has repeatedly emphasized that above all else you must operate within the confines of the law. Assume CITY GENERAL HOSPITAL is located in Louisville, Kentucky. Conduct the necessary research to familiarize yourself with both the federal and state laws that will must be taken into consideration and/or which will have a direct impact on the health care industry, and therefore your organization’sinformation governance plan. You must be able to explain to your team members what these laws are, their sources, how they affect your organization, and what you will do to implement your information governance program within the confines of these laws. Please in writing provide a detailed explanation of the results of your search for legal information in a format that you would be able to hand out to your team members during your next meeting.Also, do not expect that you can do anything leThe above three questions must be properly researched and explained. Also, please expect that your paper will be checked for plagiarismss than doctorial quality work and receive a satisfactory grade. . Whenever you quote directly from a source, include the quotation in the appropriate quotes and cite the source. When you summarize information form a source, use proper references and endnotes or footnotes in enough detail that the reader can go directly to your source reference.The paper should include page number on each page, should have a 1 inch margin on all sides, should contain a table of contents and all pages should be numbers. Single space the body of the paper a double space between paragraphs. Subheadings should be in bold and should be on the left margin. There should be a blank line between the subheading and the first paragraph following the subheading. Please use complete citations in the body of the paper, following direct citations. Also, include the complete source cited at the end of the paper on a REFERENCE PAGE Where you summarize but do not quote directly, use endnote number references in the body of the paper at the conclusion of the section summarized. For summaries, also include a section at the end of your paper for complete citations to the source summarized. This will be called “ENDNOTES”. In addition, please include thisendnote citation in your REFERENCES. That is, at the end of the paper there will be at least two appendices, one for your ENDNOTES that will contain a number reference and the complete citation to the sources summarized. Following this will be the REFERENCES page that will include all sources where you directly quoted sources in the body of your paper and in addition will include a citation for all sources that you summarized. Remember, your REFERNCES will include a list of BOTH sources quoted and sources summarized, and will be listed in the order in which they appear in your paper. Your ENDNOTES page will precede the REFERENCES page and will include only sources summarized, and will listed in the same order in which they appear in your paper.

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