Comparative Analysis of a Film

by | Sep 15, 2021 | Homework Help

Submit a 2250 words paper on the topic Comparative Analysis of a Film and a about the Lifestyle of Asian Americans. Wayne Wang’s movie Chan is Missing is one of the earliest attempts at the description of Chinese American people in a more realistic fashion rather than depicting through a stereotyped characterization of the America-born Chinese people. In the conceptual rise of a universal multicultural village, the issue of cultural identity is considered as a major focus. Especially in big metropolitan habitats, cultural identity is more often questioned along with acute backlash of racism. This paper addresses the issues of cultural identity along with other relevant themes such as racism displayed and described in Wayne Wang’s movie ‘Chan is Missing’ and Frank Chin’s novel Donald Duk. The paper will prepare a comparative analysis of these topics with regard to the representation of Chinese American people both in the movie and the book. It will also examine briefly how the movie and the novel treat the topics and how far they have justified the treatments. The 1982 release by talented director Wayne Wang, ‘Chan is Missing’ is an original screenplay with an artistic combination of good and bad. The storyline starts with a captivating thrill as two San Francisco-based Chinese cabbies Jo and Steve track down an elusive Chan Hung, who robbed them of $4000. Though it begins as a thriller, Wang makes the best use of cinematography describing San Francisco’s Chinatown. The cabbies accompany us to the streets of the small and vibrant Chinatown in search of Chan the thief, who we never get to see in the movie. For a film more than two decades old, Wang’s kaleidoscopic work is much appreciated as one of the earliest and realistic portrayals of the Chinese Americans. What makes the movie more interesting and fascinating is the way it represents the characters of Asian Americans, and more specifically, the Chinese Americans in a non-stereotyped and rather realistic fashion.

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