Comparative Analysis State

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InstructionsWrite your draft responses for the following parts of your final project. These sections are tied to the themes you learned in this module.Comparative Analysis, State: What are the two states that you will be evaluating? How are these states similar to or different from your home state, making this a useful comparison for study? In other words, how does each state (your two chosen states and your home state) compare and contrast to one another relative to the following:Structure of state legislaturesGubernatorial (governor) powersComparative Analysis, Policy: Compare each policy outcome within each state. In other words, how did the outcome of addressing the policy issue yield differences in results relative to variations in the following:Structure of state legislatures and partisan balanceHow do the states’ levels of party competition affect your results? Also, 100% free of plagiarism and completed on time!!! **MY STATE IS ALABAMA && THE COMPARING STATES ARE: GEORGIA && MISSISSIPPI**

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