Compare and Contrast Religion

by | Sep 15, 2021 | Homework Help

Write 6 pages with APA style on Compare and Contrast Religion. Christian Theism is the classical Christian philosophy of 17th century. The word “theism” is derived from the Greek word “theos” which means God. The word was first used in this context by Mr. Ralph Cudworth in the 17th Century. Literally speaking, Christian Theism is, in fact, propagation of Monotheism which means that there is only one God. Many argue that Christian Theism is based on Judaism, the Pagan Gods and the old Greek philosophy but this is disputed and, to a large extent, a matter of opinion.The first two attributes, when read together gives an apparently contradictory yet interwoven understanding of God. Theism defines God to be personal – which means God has characteristics of a human being. Hence God thinks and acts like a human being, takes interest and is involved in the activities of his creations – that is our universe and us, human beings. At the same time, God is also perceived as infinite and transcendent and therefore one can never truly understand or comprehend his nature. As Sire (2004) frames it “This means that he is beyond scope, beyond measure, as far as we are concerned…..

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