Compensation Letter

by | Jul 27, 2021 | Homework Help

Looking for someone who can help me write a letter, seeking compensation from a company whose driver created some damages in our property. About 2 weeks ago, an elderly person driving a truck hit our fence while attempting to deliver fuel to us (I live in Massachusetts). As soon as he parked the truck, he knocked on our door and apologized to my wife. The gentleman then told her to contact his employer about the incident. We didn’t call the police, or filed an insurance claim because my wife wanted to settle the issue as quickly as possible- without having to deal with police reports, insurance delays, and stuff like that.  

I’’ve provided pictures of the damage, as well as a sample letter of my initial draft, but I ran out of ideas. The letter can be re-written but it would be nice if you could keep some essence from my draft. Also, I’m not looking for anything mean that will trigger them off; I just want to let them know that I mean business and ready to roll (like being firm but not menacing).

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