Complex medical surgical

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Create a 6 page essay paper that discusses Complex medical surgical.For this reason, the patient has been transfused packed red blood cells and commenced on normal saline and Hartmann’s solution to restore the lost volume of blood. In addition, the patient is experiencing moderate pain from the trauma of the tibia and femur.

On the assessment made on assessing pain, level when the patient is at rest and with movement Ben Casey records a 4 on the scale. In order to alleviate this health condition and accord comfort to the patient the physician prescribed paracetamol tablets of 1-gram dosage to be taken 6 hourly to relieve pain.Among the identified potential health, problems according to assessment of Ben Caseys data include avascular necrosis. This will occur in areas beyond the fracture due to compromise of the internal blood supply to the bone tissue of the left tibia and femur (Ciocco 2014, p. 145).

In addition, there is high potential for Ben Casey developing osteopenea of the left tibia and femur due to the disuse (Pudner 2010, pp. 204-16). This is possible due expected long period of immobilisation of the left leg together with diffuse reduction of bone density. Apart from disuse, this occurs also due to dysfunction of blood flow regulation and autonomic nervous system conduction to the site of the fracture. Apart from the local complications, other potential systemic complication due to the fracture of the femur, which is a long bone Ben Casey, is likely to develop fat embolism. Fat embolism occurs from release of fat from the injured site and into the blood stream that can be benign or get lodged in the tiny capillaries of the pulmonary, neurological, or coetaneous systems (Pudner 2010, pp. 193-99).

In addition, other potential health problem includes development of infection at the surgical site due to the indwelling FG 14 bellovac drain at the femoral surgical. This is because the drain provides a communication between the linen on the outside and..

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