Composition and Design

by | Oct 28, 2021 | Homework Help

Composition and DesignThe videos below cover the topics that you will need to write about for the essay assignment. Watch the lecture video below on Composition and Design and read the handout on composition before beginning the drawing study.You may need to review the video multiple times as well as read the handout a few times.Even though the completed essay/drawing study project is not due until the last day, you will still need to begin the drawing study this week and email your progress this week so that I can give you feedback.Drawing Study- Choose 1 image from the Master Composition link below and complete three small composition studies of that image. See the demo video for the specific layout and format of the composition drawing studies.REMEMBER THIS IS A COMPOSITION STUDY, NOT A DIRECT COPY DRAWINGEssay- Due to the increased stress of our current situation I have decided to shorten the minimum length of the essay to 3 pages (typed, double spaced) However, you can go beyond 3 pages if you want.Write an essay on how the elements and principles of design are working in the image that you used for the composition drawing. Focus on how the elements and principles are used and how they influence each other in the image. Do not write the definitions of the elements and principles in the essay, assume the reader knows the definitions of them but does not know how the principles and elements are being used by the image. Explain to the reader how they are used and how they affect each other in the image.DO NOT WRITE ABOUT THE HISTORY, STORY OR BIO OF THE ARTIST. THIS IS NOT A HISTORY ESSAY. IT IS AN ANALYTICAL ESSAY OF THE COMPOSITION OF THE IMAGE YOU SELECTED.Let me know if you have any questions.Lecture on Composition and Design: (watch the entire video) on Composition Drawing Study: Composition to choose from for composition drawing study: on Composition and Design: THAT THE REFERENCE IN THE ABOVE HANDOUT LINK TO THE 6 PAGE MUSEUM PAPER IS FROM THE PREVIOUS PROJECT PLAN. THIS WAS CHANGED TO 3 PAGES AND YOU WILL NOT USE AN IMAGE FROM A MUSEUM. YOU WILL USE AN IMAGE FROM THE CLASS NOTES WEBSITE LINK. YOU WILL ALSO USE THE FORMAT SHOWN IN THE VIDEO, NOT THE PREVIOUS FORMAT REFERENCED IN THE HANDOUT.

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