Comprehensive doctoral review

by | Nov 17, 2021 | Homework Help

Write a 21 page essay on Comprehensive Doctoral Review Examination Question #1 Theory with the concept (when contractors preform inherently governmental functions it puts the U.S. Government at risk).Additionally, the research conducted on the based on the different available evidences enhances the relevance of the research and further develops their acceptability. Similarly, the different theories that are available in the specific fields enhance the approach towards the present research question (Houser & Oman, 2011).In this regards the issue related with the inherent operations of the management that puts the governmental functioning at risk. The performances of the contractors are majorly involved with the performances of the government as the performances of the individual contractors affect the overall performances of the federal government. Several technical complexities affect the different operational motives of the government and hinder the ability of the government to perform effectively. Furthermore, the contractors performs the functions that are intimately related with public interest hence if the contractors fails to meet with the different needs of the public it is most likely to affect the overall government functions. With this regard, the paper elaborates on the functioning of the contractors that in turn puts the government operations at risk.Theories have been authentic evidences that support the research and enhance the relevance of the same. The different theories that are available in the specific fields provide a guideline for conducting the research and enhance the acceptability of the study. The word theory has a several number of meanings and is interpreted by the different theorist in several manners. Furthermore, the different theorists have elaborated on the different concepts that are appropriate for the different situations and different problems. The following sections project the different concepts that are most important for developing a generalisabilty of the research and develop the relevance of the

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