Comunity pharmacy practice experience.

by | Nov 6, 2021 | Homework Help

Create a 3 page paper that discusses comunity pharmacy practice experience. Having learned in class that this is the most important part in pharmacy work, I approached it with some fear and apprehension. The Manager, Cashier Meg and the other Staff were very encouraging, comforting and supportive. As I obtained the prescription and confronted the computer, I was relieved to know that the NexGen Computer System was easy to use. I went through the entire process of the Data Base Searching- Name of the Patient, Prescriber Search, Medication Search. clicking the appropriate information. and finally, printing the label. Determining the appropriate information and clicking it became easy because of my prior knowledge of medical terminologies, an exposure gained from POP 1-3 Classes. and, Methodologies in Patient Communication and Information Data Collection, as discussed in POP 6 Class. The handouts or materials distributed in POP 6 Class on the Legal Requirements of Prescription, Profile and Label. Ohio State Manner of Issuance of a Prescription. and, Labeling of Drugs Dispensed on Prescription really was a great help. The use of the computer and a computer system made the entire process very easy, fast and fun.The least enjoyable and most boring part of the Internship was the re-counting of tablets or pills, bagging, shelving and doing the inventory. I kept on thinking that I can do other things that were more important. Now, looking back I realize that I was doing an important task. I was being part of the team. If I didn’t do the work well, the pharmacy would suffer. I also realized that the tasks of making the inventory. and, shelving or returning medicine bottles to its proper shelves was only boring because I was already familiar with the generic and brand names. Knowledge I learned through the Listing of the Top Medicines distributed in Classes of POP 4-6. As to the re-counting of controlled medications before bagging.

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