Concepts conflict

by | Oct 28, 2021 | Homework Help

Paragraph for each answerDONT DOUBLE SPACE First, describe the ways in which you think self-reflected appraisals, self-verification, and self-presentation complement each other. Second, describe the ways in which these concepts conflict with each other? Note that in the second question you can describe how one concept conflicts with the other two (but the other two can complement each other). Please give detailed explanation (with examples) in your answers.Portion of Chapter 4 Briefly, in what ways are heuristics an illustration of human beings’ capacity for “useful thinking” versus “stupid thinking”? Why do you think people commit the confirmation bias? (Tip: you can utilize concepts from Chapter 3). When do you think people are most likely to show the confirmation bias (i.e., are people more likely to seek out confirming evidence for certain types of beliefs)?

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