Concepts of equal opportunities

by | Oct 6, 2021 | Homework Help

Write an article on concepts of equal opportunities Paper must be at least 2250 words. Equal opportunity concentrates on eliminating any forms of discrimination and embarks on respect and fair treatment for all. Both the management of diversity and equal opportunities are policies which the human resource department should manage to create strategic plans to implement throughout the organization. Managing diversity recognises that everyone is unique and that people have different abilities to contribute to organisational goals and business performance. This is what is termed as a ‘valued-based approach’, which enables organisations to progress towards embracing equality. When it comes to equal opportunities organisations aim at following the law and not really harnessing the potential advantage of a diverse workforce or checking to ensure that diversity is not an obstacle to the achievement of organisational goals. However, managing diversity is a pro-active approach that seeks to root out any unfair bias that affects operational activities, and it goes beyond follow the law to the extent it is about being competitive or surviving in the market place. Managing diversity is inseparable from the core functions of the HRM system, as it is connected with the development of communication within the organisation, as well as creating a flexible system of psychological and economic motivation so that to boost the employees’ performance. As the competitive advantage of any company depends upon its staff and their characteristics, diversity becomes crucial to consider while talking about managing personnel. It is essential for the human resource department of companies to integrate the personal attributes of its employees to form a cohesive unit. Social management is, therefore, an inseparable part of HRM.

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