Confederates in the Attic Book Analysis

by | Sep 15, 2021 | Homework Help

Provide a 4 pages analysis while answering the following question: Confederates in the Attic Book Analysis. Prepare this assignment according to the guidelines found in the APA Style Guide. An abstract is required. He recalls his efforts for research, some bitter-sweet memories, the threat of physical violence and camaraderie he experienced, all for the sake of writing a good book with accurate historical details. Recollection of the past events is not always sweet, even when the present states of affairs are sound. For an individual, for an institution, for a race, for a language group and for the Nation as a whole, the original questions will always remain as the original questions with slight modifications here and there! During his extensive travel, Horwitz realized how sharply the viewpoints of the people were divided, over the fundamental issues, though taking into consideration the provisions of the Constitution, every citizen of America, was granted equal rights and continues to enjoy them. Tony Horwitz points out how a small initiative, even if it well-intentioned, has the potentiality of ending up in major conflagration and the pet up feelings of different sections of the people have chances of snowballing into a conflagration. He (1999, p.6) cites the example, “the Walt Disney Company unveiled plans for a Civil War theme park beside the Manassas battlefield. This provoked howls of protest that Disney would vulgarize history and sully the nation’s “hallowed ground.”It seemed as though the black-and-white photographs I’d studied as a child has blurred together, forming a Rorschach blot in which Americans now saw all sorts of unresolved strife. over race, sovereignty, the sanctity of historic landscapes, and who should interpret the past.” His interactions with the actors (people) in the re-enacting circles revealed their mind-sets and thinking processes and some humorous situations. About his impression of a bloated corpse Horwitz writes, ”His belly swelled grotesquely, his hands curled, his cheeks puffed out, his mouth contorted in a rectus of pain and astonishment. It was a flawless counterfeit of the bloated corpses photographed at Antietam and Gettysburg that I’d so often stared at as a child.” (p.7) What he wondered and took note off was the seriousness with which each actor acted, not with the sense of professional integrity alone, but to give vent to their feelings of personal loyalties and convictions. In the course of his trek, Horwitz comes across highly interesting personalities, which one cannot imagine even in the fictional dreams and it provides rare insights into the minds of the personalities. Besides such encounters and experiences are invaluable addition from the perspectives of sociology and human psychology. My impressions about the text: This is an invaluable book that provides insight into the working of the minds of common individuals as for the issues confronting the Nation today. By passing laws on equality and by securing the freedom of individuals through legislations, nothing tangible will be achieved. No legislation can change the color of the skin, and this is the issue, that boggles those who have concern for the welfare of the Nation, nay the ultimate good the humankind. The most dismaying trend Horwitz finds is the resurgence of anti-Federal hostility and racial separatism and I agree with the author one hundred percent about his genuine concern. This is a historical issue for which extraordinary efforts are needed at all levels like politics, economics, sociology and even religious and spiritual values of the Nation.

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