Conflicts management styles

by | Oct 20, 2021 | Homework Help

Write an essay on Do conflicts management styles Affect group decision making. It needs to be at least 500 words.Conflict management style has been studied in this article while looking at three approaches. integrative, avoidance, distributive. focusing on conflict management rather than resolution because there is no ideal solution to a conflict, but the ability of the conflicting parties to work through their issues. (Tim Kuhn, 2000)Group conflict management is an all inclusive process as it does not stifle the group members’ diverse perspectives, allowing for a range of alternatives that are possible outcomes of the process. These possible outcomes are looked into while assessing the quality of decisions with an emphasis on the performance and subjective outcomes of the decision making process. A decision’s functional theory is guided by group interaction leading to critical thinking thereby directly shaping the final choice of the group. (Tim Kuhn, 2000)The article while analyzing the integrative, avoidance and distributive approaches, favors the integrative approach hypothesizing that the group using the integrative approach will have the highest level of effectiveness in their decision making process as opposed to the other two because it encapsulates several perspectives therefore fostering positive, subjective and objective outcomes. (Tim Kuhn, 2000)The article examines task complexity vis a vis decision making capabilities while using a study method that incorporates both qualitative and quantitative procedures. The study design employs direct observation of established groups over a period of time. The study uses data from videotaped meetings of the group because of the sheer size and extent of the study. Out of the 47 episodes of data collected, 45 were on video tape and 2 on audio tape. The subjects seem self conscious at first owing to the presence of the video cameras but warm up to the idea of having them around and consequently relaxed. (Tim Kuhn, 2000)Group conflict management style was identified by observing how

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