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Confrontations and arguments

Confrontation is a conflict element whereby the involved parties confront each other by engaging one another in a dispute. It is a common phenomenon that can occur at any scale, between any number of individuals, nations, cultures, or even other living things rather than humans. On the other hand, negotiation is a strategic discussion that intends to resolve an issue in a way that the conflicting parties find acceptable. By engaging in a negotiation exercise, individuals try to avoid confrontations and arguments but agree to reach some form of compromise. Hence, negotiation is a form of conflict resolution technique that people can apply where there is a confrontation to restore peace.In every social setting, confrontations occur from time to time. Hence, people or organizations need to resolve such conflicts through negotiation techniques. For instance, in a workplace setting, business owners can be in a confrontation with managers, employees, or even the public. Although the organizational size determines the best negotiation strategy, the warring parties should be prepared to handle negotiations in the shortest time possible. Establishing goals, identifying the tradeoffs as well as listening to the alternative helps contribute significantly in resolving conflicts using the negotiation technique (Bavinck & Jyotishi, 2014). Before doing anything, it is essential to evaluate previous relationships, possible outcomes, as well as the desired consequences. Undeniably, organizations can easily avoid internal confrontations because business owners have the full responsibility of overseeing and solving issues when they arise. However, conducting negotiations to resolve external conflicts is a menace for most organizations.Differences in beliefs and ideas are among the sources of conflicts between people or in an organization. Besides, individuals may find themselves in a confrontational situation due to disagreements, among many other reasons. Confrontation and negotiation strategy can result in the creation of a wide range of options in resolving tough situations. The conflicting parties can go through a few procedures in the process of discussing negotiating the best solution for the problem (Barsky & Barsky, 2017). For instance, the problem analysis. This strategy involving coming up with different approaches to the conflict and dealing with the consequences to reach a consensus.Negotiation technique is a useful tool when resolving a confrontation. However, often one party can participate in unethical behavior during this process. Therefore, there is a need to develop the best alternative to the negotiated agreements to avoid further conflicts in the future. Although confrontations are inevitable, it is advisable to avoid situations that can lead to unfavorable conditions between people in a social setting. In case such scenarios happen, the parties should consider engaging in a negotiation process to find a solution and restore harmony.

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