Connection between american language

by | Oct 5, 2021 | Homework Help

Compose a 1250 words assignment on the connection between american language in literature and melting pot. An influence of “Melting Pot” processes on American language in literature is a complex notion which includes cultural issues and language differences. American language becomes a unified force which helps authors to connect their cultural values and norms with American culture and make their literature available to a wide audience of readers.Gina Masucci MacKenzie in the article entitled “Under-Writing: Forming an American Minority Literature,” describes and analyzes the problems of national minorities and their impact on American language in literature. The author states that immigrants have had an impact on literature and language use specific vocabulary and colloquialisms typical for their cultures. MacKenzie’s research is based on the analyses provided by Deleuze and Guattari and two novels Anzia Yezierskas “Bread Givers”, and Pietro di Donatos “Christ in Concrete”. Though this conception is broad and indeterminate, it is narrower than a notion such as difference. The system of “Melting pot” and its processes has to be under­stood as interrelated, diverse and changing ways. In other words some elements will be more central than others, some more easily modified or abandoned, and so on. American language as such do not do anything: it is people who make claims or feel marginalized. and people will often disagree, some­times quite fundamentally, about how their culture should be interpreted or understood. However, while the occurrence of hybridity often complicates matters, it does not work against the idea of systematic cultural differences (MacKenzie, 2003).Nicholls Brendon analyses the problems of Jack Kerouacs fiction and influence of native mother tongue on the context and translation of his works.

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