Connection between mortality and religion

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Write 3 page essay on the topic Is there a connection between mortality and religion.But does religiosity translate into biological mechanisms which affect the rates of survival?—this is the moot question that remains to be answered by the researchers.The popular belief is the healthy body goes with the healthy mind. Only a moral/religious/spiritual individual can have a healthy mind.Religious practices are meant to combat the negative thoughts. In spiritual texts of all religions, one comes across parables related to long-life and such people adopted healthy practices in their day to day living. Physical wellbeing and religious belief is like the scale of justice. Both arms of the scale are equally important to get at the equilibrium. In one’s life, they must run like a train that speeds on two parallel tracks. Ralph W. Hood, Jr., (2009, p.181) writes, “Some impressive research has examined the relationship between mortality and religious involvement…..The results showed that frequent attendees lived longer than infrequent attendees. Apparently, the former were more likely to cease smoking, engage in exercise, remain married, and maintain their social connections.” To put it in the terms of a layman, a well-disciplined individual will live longer than a man with negative tendencies and habits.Brian Thomas in article “New Study Makes Connection Between Religion and Lower Mortality,” concludes that women performing religious service with regularity lived 20 percent longer than those who did not, as per the recent study. Some of the specific revelations in support of connection between mortality and religion are:Exodus 20:12: “Honour thy father and thy mother: that thy days may be long upon the land which the LORD thy God giveth thee.” To explain this further, one who adheres to this commandment lives the disciplined life. Principle of God-fearing is a positive approach to life-situations and such positivity contributes to peace which is conducive to long span of life.Proverbs

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