Constraints placed on war correspondents

by | Nov 6, 2021 | Homework Help

Write an article on the constraints placed on war correspondents Paper must be at least 2250 words. War correspondents who are engaged by the news organizations investing heavy resources for the coverage visit the conflict areas in an attempt to report as objectively as possible the incidents at the battlefields. However, it is argued that war journalism never turns out to be objective as it is not an easy task to record the truth amidst claims and counterclaims in places devastated by chaos, destruction, and death and to report it without prejudice and with accuracy (Colvin, 2012).This can escalate the conflict by portraying the other party as the wrongdoer as mounting violence on the innocent dominant party (Wolfsfeld, 2004). This conventional war reporting putting patriotism first before other interests should change towards more creative and conflict-sensitive reporting.The history of war journalism can be traced to the Crimean War. War correspondence emerged as a profession during Crimean the war when dominant European powers fought among themselves to gain control over the sinking Ottoman Empire. The action by the Black Sea by the British-French coalition against Russia was reported by two Irishmen William Howard Russell of The Times from London. The author comments that while both Russell and Godkin can be considered as partisan, the former tries to describe the effortless manner in which Russians were defeated and later displays his sympathy for the boy soldier who is dead and his hatred for war. Both display the sense of “us” and “them”. Their choice of language demonstrates the “ ’we-ness’ influencing journalistic output from the “ primary stage of selection, encoding, and transmission” (Sonwalkar, 2005). Much of the war reporting is characterized by partisanship since the days of Russell and Godkin. Carruthers (2000) writes that war coverage is often unrealistic “as the journalists are wont to claim”, but “a map of the broad preoccupations, interests, and values of their particular society (or at least of its dominant groups)” War journalists face a variety of hurdles such as “patriotism, national interest, anger, censorship, propaganda” which militate against “objective, factual and even-handed reporting” (Maslog, 1990).

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