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Consumer behaviours

Submit a 1000 words essay on the topic Consumer behaviours.Brand image – Definitely, BlackBerry has its very own strong brand image in the mobile phone market. Especially, having a BlackBerry is perfect for professional and business – minded people. As suggested by Morisy in 2008, its features catering for business world are its strength as BlackBerry is a phone highly recommended by IT professionals.2Product Features – BlackBerry has an easy – to – use QWERTY keyboard. Apart from that, BlackBerry has coverage in lots of countries, hence used around the globe. One of its strongest features is its strong email capabilities3 which keeps one connected and does well in providing an email mobile environment. In addition to that, its mobile email provider is fast. Undeniably, BlackBerry has a strong business class features (Barker, 2011).4 On the one hand, this mobile phone has showed its usefulness in being connected in social networking sites like Facebook and Twitter as well. Hence, BlackBerry gives an edge on its utmost functionality.Absence of Innovation – BlackBerry is not an innovative phone which causes consumers to abandon it for iPhone and other android phones. According to Hansberry (2009), this is for the reason that the BlackBerry IT department is not that much interested to media, web browsing and other applications that the others can perform better.7 BlackBerry is more often than not behind the new technological innovations of phones.Limited Applications – Unlike iPhone and other android phones, BlackBerry does not have much selection of applications. It does not have the trendy applications like Instagram of which gives artsy snapshots in social networking sites and games in iPhone, and much more applications provided by the android market.8Lacks Style and Aesthetics – In contrast to other phones, BlackBerry is not stylish and aesthetically appealing enough to a wide array of consumers because of its no more than sleek professional

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