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Contemporary Marketing Research

Submit a term paper on Contemporary Marketing Research. Your paper should be a minimum of 3500 words in length. This study would be focused on evaluating the performance of John Lewis in previous years and the marketing strategies adapted by the retailer in order to enhance its sales. Similarly, the marketing strategies for the forthcoming years would also be evaluated to identify the performance and productivity of the company in the worrying time of 2013. This study would highlight the reasons for the exceptional performance of the retailer that is not even in the top 4 retailers in UK i.e. John Lewis. Furthermore, the impact of the adapted marketing strategies on the performance of the company would be evaluated. This would help to identify the remarkable performance of the company in the market. In the end, recommendations would be provided for the retail company i.e. John Lewis, in order to enhance its sales and revenues in the industry and to gain competitive advantage over other competitors in the market. This would help the company to enhance its performance which will eventually lead to increase in sales and revenues.The year 2012 was a nightmare for the retailers in United Kingdom. The retail growth in this particular year was just 1.2 percent. This retail growth could be said as the third lowest growth rate in the last 40 years (The Telegraph, 2012). The economic crisis and the recession after 2008 are the core reason for such downturn in the retail industry (O’Donnell, 2011). Due to such recession, it has been observed that the Jessops. one of the retailers in High Streets, has closed down all of its retail stores in the UK due to which almost 1370 people lost their job (BBC News, 2013a).Retail industry in UK is being directly influenced by the growing competition from supermarkets and internet retailers. This is one of the major reasons for the closure of Jessops in UK as the company was not able to cope with the changing trends in the retail industry.

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