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Content Analysis: vizzes

Go to Tableau Public gallery at https://public.tableau.com/en-us/s/gallery and find 2 to 3 vizzes you like, click on the vizz and then download them with the button in the bottom-right corner to try to understand how they were made.

  • Go to Stephen Few’s blog The Perceptual Edge ( perceptualedge.com) and to the section of Examples. In this section, he provides critiques of various dashboard examples. Read a handful of these examples.
  • Go to dundas.com. Select the Gallery section of the site. Once there, click the Digital Dashboard” selection.

You will be shown a variety of different dashboard demos. Run a couple of the demos.

Discuss these questions with the group:

  • which 2 or 3 vizzes interested you?
  • what were some of the good design points and bad design points of the vizzes & demos?
  • what sorts of information and metrics were shown on the vizzes & demos?

2. Analytics Software discuss the following software (do an Internet search for information about these products or use your experience with these products): 1) Microsoft Excel, 2) Microsoft Access, 3) Tableau, 4) R-, 5) PowerBI, or 6) OLAP solutions. choose one of the 6 products above, conduct research on that product, and discuss which product might be the best for an OLAP solution. (2 pages)

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